Day of Discovery Canada - 2018

Day of Discovery

Sunday | 7:30am CT/8:30am ET

Each week, Day of Discovery’s 30-minute television broadcast offers viewers a fresh, insightful look at current and historical events, social issues, prophecy, and issues of the Christian faith. The program airs on stations throughout the United States and Canada.

Day of Discovery is taped on location in the United States and around the world, including many programs filmed in Israel and the Middle East. The documentary-style program covers a diverse range of relevant and thought-provoking topics:

  • Balanced looks at biblical history and topics that put current and historical events into biblical context
  • Inspirational biographies on heroes of the Christian faith
  • Thoughtful discussions of how Christianity relates to contemporary life issues
  • Music specials and programs featuring the wonder of God’s creation

Day of Discovery’s 45 years of programming makes it one of the oldest continually running Christian broadcasts in television history.

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